Recent Research Updates.

Machine Learning + Brain-Computer Interfaces
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Recent Research Updates.

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My research focuses on machine learning and Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI). This interdisciplinary research, bridging computer science, neuroscience, and psychology, has the potential to promote human health and wellbeing using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Using machine learning and deep learning algorithms, I successfully mapped several signal patterns to corresponding learning activities. For example, one of our newly developed algorithms, time continuity voting [4], outperformed benchmark approaches such as Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN), Deep Belief Networks (DBN), and hybrid architectures in most of the datasets we explored, and won the best paper award in the Brain Function Assessment in Learning Conference (BFAL 2020).

Applying machine learning to clinical research, I collaborated with Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital to publish papers in journals such as Frontiers in Psychiatry.

For more details, please review my 2021 Research Talk for an overview of my recent research.
Research_Talk_X_Qu.pdf ... 5imz_AISIQ
and my recent papers in PDF format.

# I am actively looking for undergraduate research assistants, details below, Thanks.
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Re: Recent Research Tasks.

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Research Topic: Machine Learning + Brain-Computer Interfaces

Collabration Type: Part-time, Remote/In-Person
My research group is looking for Research Assistants (RA) in Computer Science, NeuroScience, and related areas, our recent publications with undergraduate research assistants can be found here[1]. We provide research assistant training, all current curricula, and lesson plans. Our goal is to publish computer science research papers each year. RAs reports to Computer Science Ph.D. students and/or Compute Science Professors, routine feedback includes implementing best practices in computer science research, mentoring, and evaluation are based on a two-week agile scrum sprint cycle. Hours are flexible.

Learning relevant computer science courses in a self-paced way.
Working together with Computer Science Professors and students to conduct related research.
Participating in research meetings in-person or online via Zoom
Being a good mentee as described in the ICML, 'new in Machine learning' Talk [2]
Discovering best practices for our research.

Strong communication skills.
Maintain a decent GPA.
Computer Science (Math/Stats) or NeuroScience (Psychology/Education) major preferred, but not required.
Students with a passion for learning and researching, a solid STEM background, and good time management skills are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply:
Please email your resume, in PDF format, to, with the email title containing the keywords " Research in Computer Science". Thanks.

Our recent publications with undergraduate research assistants ... 5imz_AISIQ

mentor/mentee in CS, best practices
from one of the CS top conferences
New In ML
Talk by Sinead Williamson
start at 4 hours 05 min end at 4 hours 40 min, of the 5 hours 54 min video,
especially the last 15 minutes in this 35 minutes presentation, and the last five slides.
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